TITAN T4 Twin Band Resaw with Quick Self Adjusting height– New – South Africa

Titan woodworking resaw
– The TITANResaw is an ultra-robust resawing system locally manufactured here in South Africa.
– With powerful motors and Twin Head configuration allowing two simultaneous cuts in one pass
– The TITAN T4 offersultra fast size change. At under 0.3 seconds this high speed size change makes it possible to change size for each and every sideboard, even when feeding at over 20 pieces per minute. As a result
optimal recovery is achieved; unlocking extra product potential that previously would have gone to waste. Importantly, no sorting of material is needed prior to this machine.
– Heavy duty slatt-chain feed with variable speed
– Driven hold downs on both the in and out feeds for fast for accurate material feed
– Robust TITAN headrig column for high strain, high speed sawmilling

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