HARWI Orca Wall Saw with Scoring – Netherlands – New

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vertical wall saw

Brand: Harwi – Netherlands
Type: Wall saw
Condition: New

Wall saw with scoring – Strong, reliable European Technology
Robust machine with strong welded frame. Stays 90 degrees even on uneven surfaces.
Max cutting dimensions: 1.8m x 4.3m

harwi wall saw


Harwi – Netherlands – Since 1960

wall saw wall saw
Excellent for space saving. Compant, robust and reliable build.

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Blade covered for utmost safety. Easy arm movement for smooth and accurate cuts on fixed vertical and horizontal axis.

image image image

Wall saw with scoring – Strong, reliable European Technology

Technical specifications:

Harwi Orca Wall Saw               1850
Max. vertical cut mm 1850
Max. horizontal cut mm 4300
Max. depth of cut mm 60
Saw blade diameter mm 250
Scoring blade diameter mm 70
Motor power kW 4,0
Voltage V 380 volt
Spindle speed rpm 5000
Scoring blade speed rpm 13000
Weight kg 600




Orca 1850
A mm 900
B mm 1400
C mm 2300
D mm 2700
E mm 5200

wall saw spec

Main benefits of a vertical panel saw:

Space saving. It takes up a much smaller footprint compared to a flat bed panel saw for cutting the same size panels.

Labour saving. You only need to handle the full sheet once. It’s then just a one man operation to cut the boards.

Accuracy and cut quality. There’s no reliance on the operator to keep the board square to the fence.

Safety. Vertical panel saws are extremely safe. The blade is always covered and its’ incorrect use is prevented.

Reveals. These can easily be cut in a board by a vertical panel saw;

Cut quality.

Set-up time. A fast set-up makes a vertical panel saw much quicker for cutting individual or small numbers of panels.

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