A woodworking heritage

Gys Potgieter (left) assisting clients with purchasing just the right woodworking machines for their specific need

Woodworking in one form or another has been part of GFP Machines founder Gys Potgieter’s life since he was 14. His first product was a pencil box, which he sold to his friends at school. Gys thus displayed his unique entrepreneurial flair from an early age.

Even though his business has now grown to its present size, Gys always ensures his focus remains squarely on his first love: A passion for woodworking.

Tony Factor, a leading South African furniture retail entrepreneur recognised Gys’ ambitions and business potential and so became a mentor to Gys as a young man.

From Gys’ humble pencil-box beginnings he became the proud founder of Duralog, a company that produced durable log furniture. This business quickly grew into a household brand and its significant range was sold in most furniture retail stores in South Africa.

You don’t always need the most expensive piece of machinery to get the job done. Instead of over-extending your cash flow to buy machines you can’t afford, a quality pre-owned machine could be all you need to get the job done,
Gys Potgieter

Today Gys is the proud owner and CEO of GFP Machines. This specialist woodworking company supplies a large range of woodworking machines to the whole industry. But what really makes GFP different is the personal service and buying assistance Gys gives all customers. He always makes sure clients buy the right machines for them, because as a woodworker himself, he understands how the correct machine can give you the cutting edge.

Gys’ vast experience in all areas of woodworking and his first-hand knowledge of the industry’s challenges, coupled with his significant business acumen, equips him to provide a holistic personal buying experience. These attributes also enable him to source the best quality woodworking machines from all around the world, to give you the competitive edge.